Kirsten White has been an active member of Canada’s design community for almost three decades.

As an industrial designer, she creates practical and thoughtful product designs. Her furniture is found at some of the world’s most prestigious spaces, including London’s Canary Wharf and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Her work has also been featured in exhibitions in Toronto, Boston, New York and Milan. During the past decade, Kirsten has travelled professionally to Indonesia, Peru, and China to explore how to combine the world of mass-produced design and the work of individual makers and craftspeople to offer better, more sustainable products and careers. Since 2004, Kirsten has taught at OCAD University and Sheridan College in Toronto Canada. When not sharing her passion for design, she can be found gallivanting across the globe with her family.

Interested in immersive, collaborative and design-based projects around the globe between designers (students and professionals), and underserved communities? Join Kirsten at CoDesign Aborad.